Artist Jack Greenfield


Born in 1933 Jack Greenfield is a first generation artist in the Blue Ridge Realist movement. Working in the early 1960's he was one of the first computer programers for the Internal Revenue Service in Washington, DC. A self-taught artist he would spend his lunch hour studying the old master paintings at the National Gallery of Art. Throughout the1970's Greenfield would vacation in Maine and New England. During this time he met artist Jamie Wyeth at his studio on Monhegan Island. He spent nearly two decades perfecting his technique when in 1979 he completed what he considers his first professional painting "The Dinner Bell"

Living in Kings Mountain, North Carolina he is a private artist who enjoys seclusion of his home studio. His paintings have been described as having a quiet or lonely feel about them. The Blue Ridge Realist movement was named after a Greenfield painting titled "Blue Ridge Sunrise." He has had several solo exhibitions and his work can be found in private, corporate, and museum collections.