Artist Scott Boyle

b. 1963

b. 1963


Born a dreamer, Scott Boyle has always been fascinated by the view outside and the world of possibilities.  From a very young age, he was noticed to have exceptional drawing abilities.  His parents later afforded him art instruction while growing up in Indiana.  He received weekly lessons for 10 years by Indiana Brown County artists, which were positive and impactful influence during his formative years. While art captured Scott’s attention during his youth and would seem to become a normal way of life, he always had one eye on the sky with a fascination of flying.  At the age of 17 he took his first flying lesson to check out the view from above.  Totally captured by that experience, Scott became an airline pilot at the age of 22.  Although his budding art career seemed to be in the holding pattern, the creative dreamer began to emerge again as he matured. 

After moving to the beautiful state of North Carolina, Scott began to paint again in his late thirties.  Armed with the ability to travel he began taking workshops and visiting art museums around the country.  One of the greatest renaissances to his art has been the discovery of painting outdoors, known today as plein air painting.  Since 2005, Scott has been organizing paint out events with friends, which has now grown to become the North Carolina Plein Air Painters (NCPAP).  He is also an active member of the Plein Air Painters of the Southeast (PAP-SE) and the Blue Ridge Realists.

Today, Scott’s main focus is to paint the southern Appalachian landscape of North Carolina and to share the incredible outdoor beauty he finds with others.

Scott, and his wife Esther, live in rural Gaston County of North Carolina.

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